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Each client experience, each case benefits by having two points of contact within the firm who know their matter inside and out

Kay Feeney
Director – Family Law Accredited Specialist
Kay was admitted to the legal profession in 1985 and is a highly regarded member of the family law community. She combines unrivalled technical expertise with a unique talent for coaching clients, particularly men, into more disciplined, productive behaviours. She enjoys acting for ‘the oppressed’ – both standing up for people herself, and helping them to stand up for themselves. She has the communication skills of a teacher, and won’t be outsmarted or intimidated by anyone.


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Annalee Madssen
Annalee has worked exclusively in Family Law since 2006, rewarded by the intricacies of complex property and parenting matters. Approaching each file with a strategic and investigative mindset, Annalee views family law as reinforcing that adversity provides an opportunity for growth.  Her clients grow in strength through the challenging times that follow the breakdown of a relationship.
EMAIL: Annalee

Amy McBreen
Amy practices in Family Law, Wills and Estates, as well as in  matrimonial and de facto property settlement matters. Joining the firm in 2016, Amy knows, not all clients are the same and one solution does not fit all. Responsive and determined to help clients reach the best possible resolution for them and their family, she gains her client’s trust and provides honest, realistic advice.

Jessica Craddock
Jessica has worked exclusively in Family Law since 2011. She is committed to assisting clients through the legal challenges in all aspects of their life and has a particular passion for parenting matters. Jessica provides her clients with realistic and solution based advice and has a high level of attention to detail.
EMAIL: Jessica

Peter Duell
Peter has been practicing in the area of wills & estates for over 50 years and continues to enjoy his work. When Peter had his own firm he practiced in a variety of legal areas as well as wills & estates including property law and minor civil disputes. Peter’s knowledge and experience of estate law is almost unparalleled and his ability to care for his clients is just as impressive.
EMAIL: Peter

Georgia Dalton
Georgia is committed to assisting clients through their legal challenges. She brings firsthand experience of family law litigation and appeals, as well as complex family law issues having worked in the Federal Court and as a Judge’s associate in the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia. Georgia was also associated with Women’s Legal Service and the Domestic Violence Duty Lawyer Service.
EMAIL: Georgia

Michael Robson
While undertaking his studies, Michael worked in Administration and upon graduation in Law and Business, is now a Law Graduate with the firm. Presently completing his Practical Legal Training and looking to be admitted to practice in early 2017, he looks forward to the opportunity to engage in constructive resolution processes.
EMAIL: Michael

Paula McLeay
With an extensive background in client liaison, administration, office management across various fields, and as an experienced practice manager, Paula welcomes each client and assists each member of the firm in their work.
EMAIL: Paula

Alexander North
Joining the Feeney Family Law team in 2013, and currently completing his Law degree at Queensland University of Technology, Alexander works part-time as a legal assistant.
EMAIL: Alexander

Alexander Rouyanian
Joining the Feeney Family Law team in 2016currently completing his Law degree at Queensland University of Technology, Alexander works part-time as a legal assistant.
EMAIL: Alexander

Ian Cheung
Joining the Feeney Family Law team in 2017currently completing his Law degree at Queensland University of Technology, Ian works part-time as a legal assistant.

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