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Why Choose Feeney Family Law?
You may not expect a lawyer you consult about a relationship breakdown to be interested in your wellbeing but at Feeney Family Law, we are.  You have many roles in life and being a partner is not the only one. You have to ensure you can continue to meet your other obligations and fulfil your other roles in life.  That may mean you ask for a referral to a counsellor, you join a gym or just recognise that that there is only one you and that you might feel stretched to the point of breaking after separation and during any resolution process.

At Feeney Family Law we recognise there is only one you – a parent, an employee, a person who has to get up every morning even when the world you get up into has changed.

The same things matter to you the day after a separation as mattered the day before. When will you spend time with your children? How will you pay your bills? Where will you live? Will you have a job? Do you need to get a job? Is there study you could take on to increase your chances of getting a higher income or a more family friendly job?

What has changed is that you may no longer be able to act unilaterally to achieve these goals.  Your former partner has an interest in the property you share. They have an interest in your earning capacity and income. Why?  These are both relevant to the issues the Family Law Act considers in adjusting property or the Child Support Agency considers in working out the child support to be paid or received.   So you initially are working in a partnership environment where the key elements of the partnership love and commitment to a future together are no longer there.

At Feeney Family Law we work with you to produce responses that work to resolution not conflict. We are experienced in working in a conflict environment. We are not afraid to enter into a conflict space if that is what your matter needs but we believe in investigating the conversations and perspectives to contain conflict if possible. We produce the process that best meets your needs.

We also have established connections with complementary service providers such as accountants, financial planners, property valuers and counsellors. This means that we can link you with other professionals to help advance your matter, particularly if it is complex. Feeney Family Law is proud to be an LGBTIQ friendly law firm.

What Can We Do?
At Feeney Family Law, we partner with our clients in life’s big moments. We can do all work that may arise during your life time that is associated with the family side of life.  We do domestic conveyancing so when you buy or sell a house, we can help you. We draft Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advanced Health Directives. When relationships begin we can negotiation and prepare pre-nuptial agreements and agreements when parties enter into a de facto relationship or marry. We can assist you in starting a family where contraception technology such as surrogacy and/or egg or sperm donation is in issue. If relationships end we can provide advice with all aspects of the matter, including with parenting, financial, child support, international/interstate relocation and spousal maintenance issues. We can also assist with elder care decisions, QCAT applications dealing with capacity and family provision applications.  We have interest, expertise and experience in the intersection of elder care and relationship breakdown which is an area of particular complexity.


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This practice is about ensuring we are technically correct, using non-defensive, personal and transparent interaction: compliant within the constraints of our legal obligations; provide clients with the security of a solid practical process during times of heightened stress; and that expectations are clear.

- Collaborative
Collaborative law offers an alternative method of resolving the issues that arise from the breakdown of a domestic relationship. Collaborative law offers a solution that is tailored to your individual circumstances.


- Mediation
Mediation is a cost-effective meeting of the parties to facilitate the resolution of issues without parties having to litigate.


- Negotiation
Negotiation involves exploring what is most important to each party and trying to reach a resolution that both parties would be willing to settle with and that meets the best interests of the children. You may gain in some aspects but make concessions in other aspects in order to reach a successful resolution.

Through this process of negotiating the various issues that are important to the parties, and consideration of the various needs of the children, the parties may reach agreement.

Negotiation often occurs in conjunction with the other processes described below.


- Passionate Advocacy
Our success is based on our insightful and innovative approach to client interaction and dispute resolution. We recognise that we deal in areas of law that cuts to the very heart of our client’s personal lives and we pride ourselves on offering personal attention to the details of every matter by offering a unique and personalized approach.

- Litigation
Sometimes parties are unable to reach agreement to resolve their matter and they need to ask the court to make a determination. When the parties engage in court proceedings, this is called litigation.


This website provides general information intended to guide your decisions, however it does not substitute legal advice or opinion. Information is best used in conjunction with legal advice from an experienced member of our team.