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Divorce or separation

Separation isn’t easy. In most cases, it involves untangling everything from where you live to your finances and assets. It is typically a highly emotional time, so a bit of preparation can go a long way to helping a smoother and more timely transition. Our team of friendly legal experts will provide practical and convenient advice based on your specific situation.

We help provide

  • Support to mentally and emotionally prepare you for the possible outcomes.
  • Strategic advice to prepare you for the required paperwork and the processes you need to implement.
  • Honest and solution-focused recommendations to get you the desired result promptly.
Children and childcare

Matters involving your child’s care are often time-sensitive and fragile due to their nature. During and after separation or divorce, your children are caught in the middle, which can be confusing and distressing for all parties involved. You must have a trusted family lawyer to assist in alleviating some of that stress. Our trusted legal framework ensures your children’s best interests are met by having a meaningful involvement in their lives by both parents.

We help provide

  • Sensitive yet straightforward options with your child’s best interests at heart.
  • Resolution-focused advice that helps preserve an effective co-parenting relationship.
  • Clear guardrails to ease or avoid crossroads or disagreements regarding parenting arrangements.
  • Advice around interstate and international relocation.
Prenuptial, financial or property matters

The key to your financial future following separation, divorce or entering into a new relationship is having a future-proof strategy to help guide your decisions. We can help you create a plan that complies with the law and protects your assets and other interests. These conversations can be challenging for some, so our friendly team will provide strategic and personalised advice based on your unique situation.

We help provide

  • A tailored prenup that will help you plan your financial future, protect your property and assist you and your partner in gaining certainty and clarity for your joint financial future.
  • Timely and cost-effective assistance documenting Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement during and after separation or divorce.
  • Expert navigation through property issues, easing you through legal issues and requirements to meet necessary settlement deadlines.
Elder Mediation

Life is always changing, and sometimes those changes can be hard for our family, especially our older family members. Elder Mediation services at Feeney Law help your family come together and talk about these important changes. We create a safe and respectful space where everyone can listen and share their thoughts. It’s a place where families can talk about things like where to live, taking care of their health, and money matters.

We create a safe space to talk about

  • Selling your home and giving the money to someone who will take care of you
  • Moving in with a relative
  • Sharing or giving away property
  • Giving or lending money
  • Moving to a place where older people live together and get care

Other areas of practice

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I need confidential advice and Domestic Violence support

We approach each case with sensitivity and empathy, recognising the emotional toll that domestic violence, in all forms, can take on individuals and families. We’re dedicated to advocating for the rights and safety of our clients, and we work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the protection and justice you deserve. You have our support.

I’d like to speak with someone about De-facto agreements

If you’re entering into a new relationship and want to maintain your financial independence and security, we can help you document what happens to your assets and financial interests in case your relationship breaks down. If your situation has changed, we can help you create a security net to protect what matters most.

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Throughout my career, I have demonstrated technical competence and a tenacious sense of purpose in every aspect of my work. I focus on complex property matters, including high-value and intricate corporate structures, and children’s matters, including those involving parental deficits and children with special needs.

Whether you need mediation, collaboration, or litigation, my team and I will help you find the best solution for your unique situation.

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