I am a marketer trapped in the body of a lawyer

I am a lawyer. Fortunately, I enjoy the ideas and creativity of marketing but I still want to be a lawyer. I do not want to be my firms client relationship manager (I don’t have one yet). I want to tease away at controversies and drill down on the factual basis of issues.

Marketing is accepted as essential now. Like ethical issues we all hope we can face the challenge when it arises. Like ethics the challenge changes face and shape.

We market our strengths but hopefully we share many. I often feel there is a me in here who would like to be a me out there and sometimes I get through and out and heard….and sometimes I am a bit lost as an individual in a work history, a profile and others view of me and process.

I like teasing out problems but the processes between me and that problem to solve can become frustrating though essential: disclosure and valuation use up so many resources. I wish getting through them was simpler. It is hard to remain the energetic problem solver of the marketing pitch during the same old same old of pure process moments.


Kay Feeney