Our goals as your family lawyer

Nobody wants to need a family lawyer. A family law problem is always an obstacle between you and your goals for yourself and your family. Our goal is to get you back to pursuing your goals as soon as possible.

Part of our process is to build a safe, calm, and respectful rapport with you so we can fully understand your issues and your expectations. Whether it is about the formation of a relationship or a relationship breakdown, your best outcome needs to be understood in the full context.

We discuss legal principles in the context of what you want to achieve, both now and in the future. Our advice is not just technical, but practical. We help you see beyond your family law issue. We help our clients recognise they still have options in their careers and their personal life.

Clients involve us when relationships are beginning and when they are ending. Both will be moments of change in your life. We aim to make sure these changes are as positive as possible and to ensure your goals remain within reach.

To achieve that, we cannot be yes-men. Our duties include challenging counter-productive mindsets. That means challenging both the opposing party and you, our clients. Our role is to walk (or run) you through a time of enormous change with an eye on your wellbeing and resources. We must give you our genuine opinion of your best interests, we cannot simply parrot back your views to you. When we disagree with you, we do it with your wellbeing and best outcomes in mind. We offer advice based on years of experience and knowledge in these matters.

It is also our duty to encourage you to be decisive and take responsibility for your decisions. We empower and encourage you to retain or retake a sense of control. Our job is to guide you, not take decisions away from you. They are your decisions, your goals, and your life. Ultimately, you have control throughout the process.

We acknowledge and understand that you have many roles in life and being a partner is not the only one. You must ensure you can continue to meet your other obligations and fulfil your other roles. There is only one you – a parent, a professional, a person who has to get up every morning even when the world you get up into has changed.

Our goal as your family lawyer is to deliver you to a new normality without the burdens of family law issues hanging over your head.